Tasks in the clubhouse are divided between three units, where members and staff work side-by-side. There’s the office unit, the kitchen unit and work and training unit.

Office unit

The contemporary environment of the office unit gives an opportunity to participate in the management of the clubhouse and in the development of the image of the clubhouse. In the office unit the clubhouse activities are introduced through social media channels and the webpage plus it also holds regular contact with the international clubhouse community. The office unit compiles clubhouse attendance statistics and produces relevant reports for accountancy. Cooperatively the monthly plan is drawn up, a newsletter is published and the Thursday night entertainment program is organized. Once every three months the chronicle of the clubhouse is published, for which articles are written, interviews held, all the materials gathered and compiled to become one coherent newspaper. Good mobility of information guarantees that the clubhouse supporting opportunities reach as many people as possible and make the clubhouse visible on the outside.

Kitchen unit

Kitchen unit is responsible for preparing the clubhouse with balanced and tasty food. Every day it’s possible to buy lunch and snacks during two breaks. There are many tasks required for the two course lunch menu and breaks: grocery shopping, preparing food, setting the table and arranging payments for food. Additionally the kitchen unit deals with the kitchen budget, inventory and ordering goods. Every week the kitchen unit compiles the menu for next week. In compiling the menu the half-plate rule and balanced essential food groups are followed.

We have compiled the clubhouse’s own cookbook in cooperation with nutrition advisers from Superlife NGO health project called ‘’Better health with balanced diet and diverse menu’’ that can
be bought from us.

Work and training unit

The work and training unit stands for all of the club members and that they would have the opportunity to work or study in a way that is suitable for them. For this the work and training unit offers support in shaping work habits, returning back to working life, staying there and pursuing education. Together with workers and members of the unit it deals with finding work and training opportunities, creating contacts with employers, arranging in-house training and educational programs and keeping statistics. Every week work meetings are held in order to give out fresh information about new wanted ads (job offers). In the work meetings one can share their own experiences about working life, ask for advice and by doing that encourage and elate other members. 

Work club happens once a month where the work and training unit invites specialists in their field to give a talk, arranges workshops and gives recognition dinners to members and associate partners.

The work and training unit believes that everyone with a will has the potential to work and contribute.

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