All people are welcome to the labour market

In autumn 2021 Estonian Employers’ Confederation published workers’ and
employers’ collection of labour experiences’ ‘’All people are welcome to the labour
Our clubhouse also shared its experiences:
‘’The statistics show that 20% of people experience some kind of mental health
problem- some for a short period, others for many years. Society has to break the
myths in order to increase the number of workers.
Employers continually face deepening problems- where to find workers? At the
same time one substantial opportunity is unused. This variant is even knowingly
overlooked. In fact it shouldn’t be done. Especially because we have Baltics’ only
clubhouse in Estonia that is partly meant just for bringing people with mental
health problems into the labour market. Haabersti clubhouse is financed by the
state and the city of Tallinn. At present the clubhouse havs 117 members and
shortly 8 workers. But the clubs essential nature does not differentiate members
and workers- there is no client and customer or psychologist and patient relations.’’

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